How to choose a stage for your outdoor events?


When you need a special stage for the event, you may have considered the size, material, and shape of the stage. As a stage is the functional area of the event, it isn’t easy to decide which stage will be considered for your event.  So, if you are unsure of what size and category of a stage you need, then you are in luck. We have researched around the globe and run down all beneficial information regarding stages.

Fresh Inspiration regarding stage designs and its types:

Small Stages:  A small stages area will be all the space that you need if you are hosting the one or two guest speakers. Generally, this type of stage I have seen in corporate events, the one such example is Forbes women’s Summit. Here, three C-leaders took part in a panel. All in all, this is a perfect inspiration stage if you are welcoming only three or four guests in the event.

Medium Stage: This size of stages is ideal if you will have more than ten people on the stage at the same time. Since these medium size stages are used in the event where a panel of speaker seated in the arc or each stand at a podium so that audience can easily see the speakers. If you need a medium size stage, you can rent a stage in Denver.

Large Stage: This size of stages generally used in the dance, music, award and talent functions. If you anticipate having 100 people dancing in the event, approximately size of the large stages is 30 feet by 30. With this considerable space, each person will have enough space to perform well.

The most common types of Stage arrangements:

  • Mobile Stages: Mobile stages can be used indoors as well as outdoors, from concert to street events or corporate marketing tour. The primary feature of these stages is a large opening through which the audience can see the perform hassle-free. So, if you are looking for the mobile rent in Denver because here you get high-quality mobile staging that truly exceeds your expectation.
  • Runway stages: This type of stages is used in fashion walk. So, if you are planning a fashion show, one of the most critical elements is the Runway stage. Generally, most of the runway walk organize inside, for shelter against the weather. However, there a time when runway shows held outside. No worries, whether you need a runway stage for inside or outside you can rent a stage from anywhere with the innovative tagline.
  • Portable stages: Portable stages make our list because it’s the perfect example of fixing the scene wherever you want either in the hall or the middle of the road. Place portable stage wherever and whenever you like. If you are looking for something completely flexible, then this is one for you. You can also rent a stage in Denver; here you get a comprehensive range of portable stages designs.