Important Aspects of Your Prospective Wedding Venue

Wedding planning can be one of the most exciting times of your life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to attire, decorations, and the menu. Many couples take this opportunity to plan a magical day to spend with friends and family. The space used for the wedding is just as important as the items that are chosen. Many places are booked months and years ahead of time, making this decision top priority. The atmosphere provided by a suitable site can make your event absolutely stunning. When searching for a location to host your special day, there are a few key attributes to look out for.

Adequate Space

Each couple has different needs when it comes to space. A good wedding venue in Sydney can easily accommodate various amounts of guests. A wedding that only includes close family and a few friends can still be made beautiful in a space that is used well. Large groups should be able to remain comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception. Be sure there is enough space to avoid crowding of tables and chairs. Guest should not be pressed together around a table while trying to eat. While watching a ceremony, chairs should be close, but allow for people of all sizes to sit comfortably. Ask to see a gallery of pictures involving different layouts used at the venue. A crowded space also raises the chances that guests may feel overheated. Be sure to assess the many scenarios that may occur on your wedding day when deciding on the size of the location.


Your wedding day is filled with a plethora of photo opportunities. These are memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Poor lighting can ruin your pictures and erase the moments you hoped to record. Natural lighting is a great asset when it comes to large events. An event venue with large windows often provides a natural outdoor background, along with the necessary lighting.

You may not be able to depend on this however, as rain is always a possibility. Indoor lighting should be adjustable to help set the mood. The ceremony may require a lower lighting option to create ambiance, while brighter lights are often used for meals. Ask a staff member to demonstrate the abilities of their lighting system before you commit to the site.


Many people are unconcerned with the location, as long as the place is perfect for the ceremony. However, there are some reasons to consider the location. If the ceremony and reception are held at different locations, all of the guests must drive to one and then the other. A long distance can delay the reception, especially if traffic is bad. A venue that is placed far out of town may be an issue for a wedding that begins at 10 in the morning. It may work fine, however, for an event that begins at dinnertime. Be sure that the location works with the entire plan for the day.

A wedding day venue is usually the first part of planning your dream day. It is where the magic happens. Do a thorough assessment of the location to make sure that it fits all of your requirements. There needs to be enough space for the entirety of your guest list. Adequate lighting can set the right mood and accent photos. A convenient location can ensure that the day goes smoothly. Once your venue is chosen, the planning can begin.