Things to Do On a Party Bus

Most people who rent party buses have two thoughts: fun and booze. But for children, and people participating in Dry January there are plenty of non-alcoholic options to make your party bus rental just as fun and exciting… Yes really!

Here is a list of some fun things to do on a party bus (besides drinking):

1. Give your bus party a fun theme

Does the guest of honour have a favourite hobby or a theme they love? Turn that into your bus party theme and have everyone come dressed accordingly, i.e. maybe they were born in the 80’s – come dressed up in your favourite 80’s outfit, or maybe they are a keen tennis player?

2. Decorate your Party Bus

Balloons, streamers, and banners – don’t forget to decorate your party bus to match the awesome attire that is sure to show up to the party.

3. Music to get the party started

Create an inspiring playlist of music that will make your guest want to let their hair down and dance, dance, dance. Don’t forget to check with the rental company what type of sound system the bus is equipped with and plan accordingly.

4. Have a sing off

Who doesn’t like a karaoke contest? Give your guest around 15 minutes to rehearse and then let the competition begin.

5. Charades party game

Give charades a theme that matches your bus party – you can separate into pairs or teams. And get everyone excited by offering a fun prize for the winners.

6. Scavenger hunt with a twist

Create a list of license plates with states to find, separate the guests into groups, and start hunting for the items on the list. The party group with the most unique license plate wins the prize at the end of the party.

7. Head’s Up!

Who hasn’t played the game Head’s Up yet? This game was made popular by the Ellen show (anything Ellen does must be cool). From naming celebrities to singing, to silly accents – you guess the sentence on your head with clues given by your partner before time runs out. Tick tock.

And you thought a booze-free night was impossible hey. There are a ton of fun things to do on a party bus (besides the alcohol of course), you just need to use a little imagination, be okay with being a bit silly and not be afraid to have fun!