Tips to Help You Introduce Your Child to Healthy Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s no surprise that children aren’t the biggest fan. And can you really blame them? After all, with the fast food options available it can seem like the impossible task.

Sound familiar?

If you are looking to transition your youngster to healthy eating, below are some great tips which can help you out.

Slow and Steady Definitely Wins the Race

The biggest challenge with transitioning your child to eating healthy food is that you aren’t on a level playing field. That is, you aren’t at any type of advantage, so your best bet is to take it slow.

For example, even if your child only eats one healthy item from their plate for the whole week then you should consider it a victory!

With this in mind, take your time to introduce new healthy alternatives along with removing unhealthy originals. While it may seem like it’s taking too long, it’s important that you are not only trying to change their eating habits at the home dinner table but also to adjust their mindset when it comes time to make their own food choices when you aren’t around.

And when you consider that their friends are likely to be all eating the same type of junk food that they are, without their parents trying to introduce them to healthy eating, the challenge not only for you but for your youngster can be quite hard.

Play by Their Rules

Fast Food chains use a range of flavors and spices to keep their customers taste buds satisfied, and there isn’t any reason why you can’t do the same for the healthy food items you put on your child’s plate.

For example, during your first few weeks, be sure to serve up every sauce, salt flavor, spice, butter, gravy, and spread that you can find in an attempt to help anybody cover up the flavor of new food. Then, as you continue with the food adjustment, slowly remove the amount of topping your make available until they are only using a small amount of salt and butter on their vegetables.


While you should never try and bribe your child, there are appropriate ways to use incentives. For example, if you have recently taken advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Extended Stay America to take your family on an affordable vacation, consider rewarding a week of eating their vegetables with the ability to choose one of the activities you will all do during your vacation.

Of course, this tip isn’t limited to your vacation plans. Any type of small incentive can be a great way to help children change their mind when it comes to eating healthy food.

When it comes to introducing your child to new and healthy food, it’s important to always remember that it isn’t a race and, in fact, the slower you take it, the more successful your attempts are likely to be.